Don’t let missing teeth
rob you of your smile

Dental implants are crafted from surgical-grade materials to serve as replacements for tooth roots. Surgically positioned in the jawbone, they are finalized with a ceramic dental crown or bridge following a brief healing period. Dental Implants are especially suggested for denture wearers encountering issues like insufficient bone levels or irregular bone shape that affect denture fit and comfort. Patients facing gum irritation, discomfort, and the use of denture adhesives find relief through implant-supported dentures.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

The success rate for dental implant treatment is very high and we consider them to be a permanent restoration. Your implants can:

  • Enhance the natural appearance of Your teeth
  • Save your surrounding teeth
  • Conserve bone density
  • Provide a reliable and high functioning solution to dental issues

Case Studies

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